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SGX Nifty : Identify market trend before opening

Have you heard about SGX Nifty ? In this post you will learn everything you need to know about SGX Nifty and how to identify the market trend before the market opens. You will get to know the sources from where you can track SGX Nifty and get SGX Nifty live chart.


What is SGX Nifty?

SGX stands for Singapore Exchange Limited. Just as we have Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. SGX is Asia’s leading stock exchange. SGX Nifty is Singapore Exchange Nifty which implies the Indian CNX Nifty traded in the Singapore Exchange. It is a prominent derivative of Singapore Exchange as it allows foreign investors to take a position in Indian Stock Market.


Correlation between Nifty and SGX Nifty


The volatility in SGX influences the other Asian markets. SGX Nifty is traded between 6:30 am to 11:30 pm while CNX Nifty is traded between 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. Because of this longer time duration of SGX Nifty the global political news, economic news, release of important economic data, affects the SGX Nifty even when the Indian Market is closed. Then next day when the Indian market is about to open it is affected by the price of SGX-Nifty. The NIFTY future of NSE that is CNX Nifty and that of Singapore (SGX-Nifty) equalises after the opening of the Indian market.

Consider a situation in which at 9:15 am if SGX-Nifty is 40 points up (+40) then you get the idea that Indian market (NIFTY) will open positively. Similarly, if SGX-Nifty is 40 points down (-40) then you know that the Indian market (NIFTY) will open with a negative bias.

You can check SGX Nifty live before the Indian Market opens.

You can use the following sources to check SGX Nifty live along with SGX Nifty Live Chart.


sgx nifty


Important Details about SGX Nifty


  • Singapore Nifty (SGX-Nifty) is the Indian Nifty that is traded in Singapore Stock Exchange.


  • It is usually the first indication of initial direction of Indian stock exchange.


  • India as well as Singapore is in same continent i.e Asia.


  • SGX-Nifty is available 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM as per Indian time.


  • SGX moves along with Indian Nifty. So it serves as a prediction factor for Indian Stock Market.


  • The margin at SGX is lower than those of NSE.


  • SGX Nifty provides foreign investors the opportunity to invest in Nifty Futures.


Why Nifty follows SGX Nifty ?


1) Nifty derivatives contracts are listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX). So it is the same thing as our Nifty futures in terms of Nifty composition of stocks.


2) SGX opens earlier than Indian Stock Market. So the prices reflect the early market sentiment after factoring in the performance of other Asian markets such as Hong Kong and Japan.


3) The volumes on Singapore Nifty futures is equivalent to the volumes traded in India. So, by sheer participation the early move made in SGX-Nifty has to be respected otherwise there will be arbitrage opportunities.


4) The second-largest amount of foreign capital flow into the Indian markets is routed via Singapore. They prefer to take positions beforehand and hence trade in SGX instead of NSE.


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