Stock Market Timings India

Stock Market Timings India (Latest 2021)

Stock Market Timings India

Many new investors and traders in the Indian stock market wonder about the stock market timings India. In this article, we provide you the complete information to help you answer this query.

So what are the stock market timings in India? The Indian Stock Market opens at 9:15 AM and closes at 3.30 PM from Monday to Friday. It remains closed on Saturday and Sunday as well as on the trading holidays as declared in advance by the stock exchanges. The Pre-Open Session is from 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM. The Closing Session is from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM.

Stock Market Timings India

The timings of the Indian Stock Market are divided into three sections:

  1. Normal Trading Session
  2. Pre-Open Session
  3. Closing Session

Pre-Open Session

The pre-open session over a span of 15 minutes specifically from 9.00 AM to 9.15 AM.

The pre-open session is divided into two sessions:

  1. Order collection period
  2. Order matching period.

The price band of the share price for the pre-open session is 20%.

The order collection time of 8* minutes is used for order entry, modification, and cancellation. (* Order collection period lapses randomly between the 7th and 8th minute). During the order collection time, orders can be entered, modified and cancelled.

Order matching time starts promptly after the order collection period is finished. Orders are met at a single (equilibrium) price which will be the open price.

The order matching happens in the following sequence:

  1. Appropriate limit orders are matched with their corresponding limit orders
  2. Remaining available limit orders are matched with market orders
  3. Market orders are equaled with market orders

The opening price is calculated using the principle of the demand-supply mechanism.

The equilibrium price is the price at which the highest volume is possible to be executed.  The equilibrium price determined in the pre-open session is considered as the open price for the day.

Normal Trading Session

This is the regular trading session from 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM

The best buy order is paired with the best sell order. An order may match partially with another order leading to multiple trades.

For order matching, the best buy order is the order with the highest price and the best sell order is order with the lowest price.

The algorithm looks at all buy orders ready from the sentiment of a seller and all sell orders from the sentiment of the buyers in the market.

Out of all buy orders open in the market at any instant, a seller would clearly prefer to sell at the highest conceivable buy price that is granted. Therefore the best buy order would be the one with the highest price and the best sell order would be the one with the lowest price.

Orders lying unequaled in the network are called ‘passive’ orders and orders that come in to equal the current orders are called ‘active’ orders.

Orders are always matched at the passive order price. This ensures that the initial orders get precedence over the orders that come in at a later point in time.

The time between 3.30 PM and 3.40 PM is utilized to calculate the closing price.

The closing price is calculated as the weighted average price of the last 30 minutes.

Closing Session

The timing for the closing session is from 3.40 PM to 4.00 PM. In the session, only market price orders are permitted.

Trading will take place at a particular price which is the close price of the stock.

Stop Loss and Disclosed Quantity orders are not allowed.

Trades will be counted as Normal Market trades.

stock market timings india flowchart

World Stock Market Timings as per Indian Time

Stock Exchange Country Opening (IST) Closing (IST)
Australian Securities Exchange Australia 5.30 AM 11.30 AM
BM&F Bovespa Brazil 6.30 PM 1.30 AM
BME Spanish Exchange Spain 1.30 PM 10.00 PM
Deutsche Borse Germany 12.30 PM 2.30 AM
Euronext European Union 12.30 PM 9.00 PM
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong 6.45 AM 1.30 PM
Japan Exchange Group Japan 5.30 AM 11.30 AM
JSE Limited South Africa 12.30 PM 8.30 PM
Korea Exchange South Korea 5.30 AM 11.30 AM
London Stock Exchange UK and Italy 1.30 PM 10.00 PM
NASDAQ USA 7.00 PM 1.30 AM
New York Stock Exchange USA 7.00 PM 1.30 AM
Shanghai Stock Exchange China 7.00 AM 12.30 PM
Shenzhen Stock Exchange China 7.00 AM 12.30 PM
SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland 1.30 PM 10.00 PM
Taiwan Stock Exchange Taiwan 6.30 AM 11.00 AM
TMX Group Canada 8.00 PM 2.30 AM

NSE Trading hours extended

The extension of market trading hours due on Oct 1, 2018, has been deferred.

ANMI conducted a survey, in which out of 122 brokers, 121 brokers have given their disapproval for the extension of market trading hours. Also, they are asking for the rationale behind this decision as this would not be financially feasible for the market participants.

The market participants are very clear that even if the warning by the stock exchanges is given to extend market hours, they would accept only an index product to be launched for extended trading hours.

Brokers to discuss the mode of settlement very soon. They want both the Stock Exchanges to be on the same page regarding product offerings.

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