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How to identify fundamentally strong stocks?

So before one selects the price and time at which he would buy a stock, it is crucial to ensure that the stock is fundamentally strong.

NOTE: This article is only for long-term investors.

In the comprehensive terms, fundamental analysis involves looking at any data, besides the trading patterns of the stock itself, which can be assumed to affect the price or regarded value of a stock.

As the name suggests, it means getting down to basics.

Unlike technical analysis, which focuses only on the trading and price history of a stock, fundamental analysis focuses on creating a representation of a company, identifying the intrinsic, or fundamental value of its shares and buying or selling the stock based on that knowledge.


There are two ways to select stocks that are fundamentally strong

  • Learn fundamental analysis yourself and then put up efforts to find those stocks.
  • Pick up stocks that the major mutual funds have in their portfolio.


The second method is the most straightforward and reliable and requires fewer efforts. It is evident that mutual funds which are putting crores of rupees on the market will always invest after completely studying and analyzing the fundamentals of the company.

So we can add those stocks to our portfolio and assured that they are fundamentally strong.


So now the question is How To find stocks that major Mutual funds are holding?


Step 1:    Go to




Step 2:   Find Mutual Funds Tab and Click on it.


mutual funds


Step 3:    You will see the list of top mutual funds.


Mutual Funds List


Step 4:    Click on any mutual fund of your choice.


Step 5:    Click on the holdings tab on the left.




Step 6:     Great! You have found lots of fundamentally strong stocks in less than 5 minutes and that too without having any knowledge of fundamental analysis.

fundamentally strong stocks


Conclusion: How to identify fundamentally strong stocks?

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15 thoughts to “How to identify fundamentally strong stocks?”

  1. Sir ,Indeed it was a very informative trick to get to know fundamentally strong stocks. However MF portfolio managers keep changing their positions in the stock so how frequently we need to keep checking the portfolio stocks of these MFs.
    Also longterm means what time period? In terms of years.

    1. Thanks, At the time when you are seeing the list, you will get to know in what stocks to trade. You just need to wait for the right time to enter into a trade by using technical indicators like RSI or you can simply buy when the stock falls below its intrinsic value. Long Term here meant greater than 1 year.

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