how to earn bitcoins in india for free

How To Earn Bitcoins In India For Free – Complete Guide

How To Earn Bitcoins In India For Free

Believe it or not, it is actually pretty simple to make some money on the internet for free and without any special talents. In this article, I will explain to you how to earn bitcoins in India for free.

This requires minimum time effort, is absolutely safe and will cost you not a single rupee. You won’t get rich by this method but it’s worth it. Especially when you’re online all day. It may take some time, but if you follow some simple rules you can actually make some money. Many people are wondering how to earn bitcoins in India for free.

In this article, you will learn how to earn bitcoins in India for free and how to sell them using Zebpay Wallet.

You will also get an exclusive Zebpay promo code with which you will get Rs 100 worth bitcoins for free.  Zebpay is one of India’s leading platforms to buy & sell bitcoins.

Also, you will see how you can get 10$ worth free bitcoin from Coinbase.

Latest Update – September 2018

Zebpay Exchange is now closed. Use WazirX instead.

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how to earn bitcoins in india for free


 Important Update : May 2018  

Indian Banks will no Longer support the purchase of Cryptocurrencies through exchanges. You will not be able to use Indian Crypto Exchanges to deposit or withdraw INR.

RBI has given 90 Days before implementing it.

Basically, Banks will not be allowed to provide any form of services to Crypto companies.

Comment down views below?

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Get The Party Started


Everything you need is a browser and a rough understanding of BitCoin. There are millions of articles, videos, tutorials and whatever in the world wide web – just google for it and you will understand it. No need to panic, you don’t have to understand what a blockchain is, how BitCoin works under the hood or how to buy some. Everything you need to know is, that BitCoin is a high tech currency which is worth $4159 per BTC currently that is Rs 266584. You should know that a Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC and that’s already enough for now (more knowledge doesn’t hurt)





The Master Plan


We will use a so called BitCoin Faucet. This is just a website which gives you some small amounts of a bitcoin (Satoshi) per hour. Why? Because these websites usually have some ads and make money on their own through the users visiting the side. So we have some kind of win/win situation here. Unfortunately there are many crappy/junky BitCoin Faucets out there, giving just real small amounts and for some sites it’s not even guaranteed that they will pay you the coins.

For your luck there are a few good and trustable faucets out there. And if you have a good plan how to use them, you can do nice amounts of money with them. One of these sites is They exist for some time now and are trusted to pay the users. Additionally they offer a HI-LO Game which allows you to multiply your given bitcoins. They give you money and provide a game to multiply that given money! No joke here.


How To Earn Bitcoins In India For Free ?


So the plan is actually pretty simple and consists of the following four easy steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Get some free Satoshi
  3. Multiply these Satoshi
  4. Exchange it for money

Let’s take a detailed look at the steps of how to earn bitcoins in India for free each one by one:


1. Create an account

This is probably the simplest step. Just click on this link:, enter your email address, choose a password and sign up. Nothing special here.


2. Free BitCoins!

This is probably the hardest step. Why? Because you will be tempted to start the Hi-Lo game after you got some satoshis. Don’t do it.  Again: DON’T start gambling prematurely! You will lose everything, believe me.

Just go to the “Free BTC” page every hour, click on the “I’m no robot” captcha and click the “Roll” button. That’s not so hard. After that, a 5 digit number will be rolled and displayed. You’ll always get some Satoshi. And with some luck you will win even more coins by getting a roll over 9886. As soon as you hit 8192 Satoshi (= 0.00008192 BitCoins) you can proceed with the next step.


3. Multiply them!

Next step is playing the game: provides a Hi-Lo game. And there is a simple strategy to beat such games: When you win, return to your base set; when you lose, double your set. This way you’ll always win your base bet (if you don’t run out of money while betting).

And that’s why you need some decent balance: It’s possible to lose multiple rounds and each time your bet is doubled. That means, if you lose 8 rounds in series, the bet is 256 Satoshi. In the ninth round the bet is 512 Satoshi. And so on. This happens more or less often. But in rare cases (and they occur!) it can sum up to 2048 or even more. When you have 8192 Satoshi, you will be able to set the max bet to 4096 Satoshi, for what you have to loose 12 rounds in series. That can happen, but it’s rather rare. Also it’s hard to get to the next milestone of 16384 Satoshi by playing the “Free BTC”, so the Hi-Lo game is the next step to get further.

Here we go! Click on the “Multiply BTC” navigation point and go to the “Auto Bet” tab.
Fill the form with following settings:
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Base Bet: Depends on your balance. Start with 0.00000001 (for 0.00008192 balance) and increase as you go on: 0.00000002 (for 0.00016384 balance), 0.00000004 (for 0.00032768 balance) etc.

Max Bet/Win: Your current balance divided by 2 and round down to a power of two (i.e. 0.00004096 for a balance of 0.00008192)

Odds: 2

Rolls: 999999

Bet On: Alternate

On Win: Return to Base

On Lose: Increase set by 100%

Stop Betting After: Profit ≥ 0.00001000 (you can vary this just the way to want)

On Hitting Max Bet: Stop Betting

Do Not Refresh: Tick

Here is the AUTO-BET Screen with the above settings applied. settings


These are the settings. It basically says: “Play until I have made 1000 S profit. Start with a bet of 1 S and bet alternating on hi and low. When we lose a round, double the bet for the next round. If we win the round, return to the base bet. When the bet is 4096 S, stop the game to prevent us from losing everything.”

Click on the “Start Auto-Bet” button and watch your balance grow.
There is a little risk, that you lose 4096 S and have to return to step 1. However, the chance that this happens is low enough to take the risk. Remember: You never can actually lose anything, because you’re just playing with money which was given to you. When you reach a balance of 16384 S (= 0.00016384 BTC), you can start to double the base bet and the max bet settings. Click on the “Start Auto-Bet” button an watch your balance grow twice as fast. Repeat until rich. Don’t be greedy and use too much of Multiply-BTC. It looks fine initially but you may lose a substantial amount of your balance if you overuse it.


How to win FreeBitCo Jackpot 8888

Roll number 8888 to win the jackpots! The rewards for jackpots are upto 1 Bitcoin.


4. Profit!

After some days, weeks or even months you should have a decent amount of satoshi (or even whole bitcoins) on your account. Congratulations! If you have more than 0.0003 BTC balance, you will receive 4.08% compounded interest on your full balance every day. Means: Your balance will increase by doing nothing at all.
At some point, it’s time to convert your BitCoin balance to money which you can actually use. I’m talking about INR in your bank account.

First of all, you need a BitCoin wallet. This is a digital wallet, where your bitcoins are stored. We will use Zebpay, it is one of India’s leading platforms to buy & sell bitcoins and it gives you a wallet to store your coins. For free of course. As a promotional offer Zebpay is offering free bitcoin worth Rs 100 for using the promo code : REF52634524 It’s not a lot, but no one would mind free bitcoins for their account?

Before you read ahead, here is a proof the amount of bitcoins earned and transferred to Zebpay Wallet.


If you are not from India then you can join Coinbase to get 10$ worth Free Bitcoins.


If you are from India then continue reading.

How To Get Free Bitcoins Using Zebpay Promo Code?

1) Download the Zebpay app on your Android device or iPhone. Click here

2) Once you have installed the app, simply verify your number via OTP.

3) Click on Menu from Top Right Corner.

4) Click on “Free Bitcoins”

5) Now Enter Zebpay Promo Code here: REF52634524 (you will get free bitcoins worth Rs 100 for using this promo code)

6) After completing the document verification. Go to my address from the menu.

7) You will get your wallet address. It looks like this: 2xxxxxxasQ1s2b1FoideCoL765hhfexZabR

8) Copy that, go to your profile and paste it to the “Withdrawal address” field. Then click on the “Withdraw” button on the top of the page to transfer your bitcoins to your wallet.




After that, you can sell the bitcoins on Zebpay and then send the money to your bank account. Or you can wait: The bitcoin value will increase in the next years and it will be worth to wait with the selling of your bitcoins. So this is it hope this guide on how to earn bitcoins in India for free was helpful for you. If you found this article helpful then do share it with your friends and also help them to earn bitcoins for free.



Update : Bitcoin crosses 11,000 $
Bitcoin has seen an insane growth this year, a whopping 1300% in just 11 months.

There are more exciting ways to earn bitcoins online than there are ways to spend the money earned from them. You will find the most amazing & trusted ways below along with their details.


Cloud Mining


Cryptocurrencies are commonly created through a process called mining. Mining has become more professional and challenging because there are so many people doing it. This has pushed the difficulty and competition and that is why you can’t mine them through your own computers. You will need a specialized set of computers called ASICs (For Bitcoin – SHA 256 Algo) and Mining Rigs (for AltCoins). Setting up your own hardware is a laborious & difficult task and would require active monitoring. Here is when cloud mining becomes handy!


Cloud mining is an online service which mines cryptocurrency on your behalf. Basically what you have to do is register with them, purchase mining power (called hash), and they start mining for you. There is a catch here, yes, you do get daily profits for the hash that you have purchased from them, but they deduct maintenance fees. So your return of investment becomes lesser and the recovery period of your investment would be long. There are many scammers in this cloud mining industry so do not be trapped and do not be greedy. Always try to gather more information about the company before investing a single penny.


There are few genuine and reliable cloud mining services which are legitimate.



Genesis Mining is the Largest Bitcoin mining company, trusted by over 1000,000 customers. You can do your own research of their plans and buy 30-100 MH/S of Ethereum – Hashimoto Hash Power (Etash). You will get payout every day in your ethereum wallet everyday for 2 years. Earned Ethers can be autotraded in the dashboard to Bitcoin, Zcash and other Cryptocurrencies. As our reader, you have the privilege of using this promo code “opThMX” at checkout.


Other ways to earn bitcoins online :

1. Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is essentially the only way in which new bitcoins are created. This is comparable to the printing of new currency by central banks. Bitcoin mining involves the running a double hash verification process that validates bitcoin transactions and securing the public bitcoin ledger. This process requires a very large amount of computational power and thus requires a huge investment in computer hardware to run. In exchange bitcoin mining, bitcoin miners are rewarded with bitcoins. However, because this is very expensive (initial investment plus operating costs) and the reward is not that much, bitcoin miners prefer to join mining pools like where they combine computational power and split the reward (bitcoins) according to the computational power used. Bitcoin mining is certainly a slow and expensive way to earn bitcoins.


2. Accepting bitcoins as payment

This is arguably the easiest and fastest way to earn bitcoins online. The only requirement is a bitcoin wallet which is free. A bitcoin wallet is an interface between the user and the bitcoin network and there are many bitcoin wallet providers, for instance, coinbase ( With a digital wallet installed, bitcoin payment can be accepted in exchange of goods for instance in an eCommerce type of business. Online retailers such as newegg (|), who sell consumer electronics, accept bitcoin as a form of payment and are a good example to learn from.

Another way to earn bitcoins online is by providing freelance services, for instance, completing tasks on certain websites such as:

-Watching websites and videos: websites such as coinadder ( and vidybit
( pay people to watch videos and websites in bitcoins.

-Completing analytical tasks: Coinworker ( pays bitcoins for just a little extra thinking.


3. Bitcoin affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting another person’s product in exchange for some form of payment, in this case bitcoins. Affiliate marketing is a very cost effective way to market products and many online businesses are adopting bitcoins as a way of paying affiliate marketers.

At the front line is bitcoin wallets such as Trezor (https://doc.satoshi| and coinbase ( which pay a specific amount of bitcoins for every new user referred to them by an affiliate marketer.


4. Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading is a risky way to earn bitcoins because it is very similar to gambling. Cex ( is a bitcoin trading service that allows for bitcoin to be bought and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies using currency volatility as an advantage to make more bitcoins. This type of trading is classified as day trading because it is based on short-term price fluctuations. Other types of trading are bitcoin CFD’s (Contracts For Difference) and bitcoin binary options. Bitcoin CFD’s differ from day trading in that actual bitcoins do not have to be bought. Bitcoin contracts are bought instead through brokers such as AvaTrade and sold later eliminating the actual storing and holding of bitcoins by the trader. Bitcoin binary options involve prediction on whether bitcoin prices will rise or fall in certain amounts of time. If correct, the payoff is earned, if incorrect, the whole investment is lost. A good example of a bitcoin binary trading website is whaleclub (


5. Bitcoin lending

You can only earn bitcoins using this method if you already own bitcoins. The idea is to lend out bitcoins to finance bitcoin-related projects and later get paid with interest. Bitcoin lending is done in two ways:

—Lending directly: This is quite risky because as much as it is very rewarding, the borrower might refuse to repay the loan. Hence, it requires the loaner to conduct a personal creditworthiness assessment to the borrower(s) as well as come up with terms and conditions for repayment. The best person to lend directly to is a person you know.

—Peer to peer lending: This is done through websites such as Bitbond ( which list borrowers and their funding requests. Loaners can then select which people to loan to and what amount of bitcoin they can loan. This allows for financing of several projects, therefore, spreading the risk. However, before participating in such websites, it is important to find out if it trustworthy and if it assesses the creditworthiness of the borrowers.


Overall, earning bitcoins online is not as easy as people imagine. It requires research on new methods of earning bitcoins online while at the same time perfecting the existing methods.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to earn bitcoins in India for free. If you have any doubts or suggestions then feel free to comment. Have fun!


*Cryptocurrency market is unregulated. There is no authority or agency behind it. It is a highly volatile, speculative and unpredictable market. Only invest what you can afford to lose (in the worst case scenario)


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    1. Ideally collecting 100 Satoshis 10 times to make 1000 Satoshis is better because it reduces the amount of risk but it is time consuming.

  3. I have reading negative reviews about zebpay about keeping the rate difference between international btc rates and the rate they provide and also people are complaining about losses, is it true?

    1. It has been posted after years of experience. Every single thing mentioned works and many people have already earned a lot!

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