Upcoming Dividends + Top 25 Dividend Paying Stocks Indian Stock Market

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Dividend Paying Stocks

It is said that high dividend paying stocks outperform the market in the long run. Stocks with high dividend yield are considered safe and also indicates that management is sharing profits with investors. However, we must also look at the consistency of dividends.

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Upcoming Dividends: March 2021

We must know that there are two ways to make money from the equity stock market:

  • Appreciation of Capital
  • Income from Dividend


Appreciation of capital occurs from the timely variation in the prices of the stocks you trade while dividends are corporate earnings that companies provide to their shareholders at various times during the year.

Companies that pay high and consistent dividends can be said to be great companies. Everyone knows this.
Companies that pay inconsistent or low or no dividends cannot be said to be bad companies.


World’s most expensive stock (It cost more than one crore in INR) – Berkshire Hathaway of Warren Buffet doesn’t pay dividends at all.


This article tells you about the top 25 dividend-paying stocks in the Indian Stock Market.

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